Four essential tips for planning your Silver Surfer’s gap year

Great news: gap years aren’t just for students and teenagers anymore. More and more over 50s are now taking the opportunity to set off on gap years of their own. After all, it’s never too late to create wonderful new experiences and unforgettable memories.

If you’re a silver surfer browsing for ideas for you gap year, here are some useful tips on making sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Set yourself a budget

Every gap year needs a budget. Whether you’re headed for the world’s most luxurious hotels or backpacking to more affordable accommodation, your first step is working out what you can afford to spend.

We’d always recommend working out your budget before you start exploring your options. Sometimes you can get more than you’d think for your money – and remember, our Travel Consultants are ready and waiting to help you plan the best trip for your budget.

2. Be creative with your destinations

Whether you’re planning to embed yourself in a single location for months on end or you’re looking to explore multiple locations, it can be hard to choose where exactly your trip will take you.

Our tip is to think outside of the box. Many people immediately rush to the most obvious holiday destinations, but an extended trip gives you a very special opportunity to go beyond a flying visit. As well as including iconic landmarks and points of interest in your travel plan, think about visiting places where you can really take advantage of a longer exploration of the local area.

Once you’ve shortlisted some locations, hit the web or browse some books to find out where is best to go and if there are any places you should avoid, or tap the source of knowledge that is your personal Travel Consultant.

3. Arrange your required currencies

You’ll need to be aware of the currencies of the countries you’ll be staying in and to plan how you’ll use that money. It’s wise to get a feel for the approximate exchange rates to control your spending in different regions – the right website or app can help.

We’re big fans of saying goodbye to cash and sticking with a pre-paid travel card, though. With everything stored on a single debit card – even in multiple currencies – you can be confident that the money you need is just a quick swipe away.

Even better, our preferred provider WeSwap offers an innovative peer-to-peer approach to currency exchange. With WeSwap’s help, you securely exchange your money with another traveller who needs your currency – avoiding those excessive fees at the bank or bureau de change.

4. Plan for things back home while you’re away

Before you leave, it’s a good idea to make sure things at home will run smoothly in your absence. Create a list of both day-to-day and occasional things that might come up over the course of your trip, then tick them off as you put a plan in place for each one.

And remember, it’s not just your bills and post. Be sure to also plan for birthdays and other important dates, allowing you to stay present while you’re away.

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